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Sure-to-Please Gift Ideas for Valentine’s

It’s February! Let the season of chocolates, roses and romance unfold!

Are you ready for Valentine’s Day? I just returned from our neighborhood store (Dollar Tree) with a fist full of affordable cards to send to people I love. I’m preparing gift bags for my grandchildren and wondering how to best love my husband when the holiday arrives.

Valentine’s brings some of the gift-giving stress we feel at Christmas. We try to discern what people want, how much to spend, whether to go serious or silly, practical or romantic.

The most romantic of all Valentine gifts is probably the engagement ring. As many as six million couples will commit on February 14th this year, costing guys an average of $7000 for a ring to flash with the question.

Some Valentine gifts are just outside the box. You can surprise your sweetie with a Salami Bouquet (Valentine Edition) available from Olympia Provisions for only $85.

If you like “too cute” consider serving heart-shaped eggs on Valentine’s morning using the silicone egg shaper offered by Mastrad for $8.99. You can dress your whole family in matching Valentine pajamas created by Sugar Stitch Designs for $18 a pair.

Some of us enjoy a simple message written in a pretty card. Last week I tried to purge the over-stuffed drawers where I keep family pictures and cards received. I sighed in defeat as most of the cards went back in the drawer because I couldn’t toss the loving hand-written messages they contained.

Love always works. Everyone wants love. I like flowers and chocolate (hint, hint Charlie) but above all I want love. God tells us to treat others the way we want to be treated (Lk 6:31) so we need to provide love.

No matter what item you make or purchase for a loved one this Valentine’s Day, make sure you also give your love. Even extravagant gifts given without love go over like a clanging symbol (1 Cor 13:1). You might as well save your money and give something simple like the “You’re So Lucky to Have Me” mug offered by AvonnieStudio for $18.

Here’s a list of sure-to-please ways you can love on Valentine’s and every day this year.

Gifts of Love for God

God wants love. He desires our:

  • affection (vs. neglect or resistance)
  • time (in His word, with His people, in prayer)
  • attention (discerning His will in our lives)
  • gratitude for blessings
  • dedication to His purposes (love, truth and grace)

Gifts of Love for Others

Love builds people up (1 Thess 5:11). Love gifts everyone wants include:

  • time and attention (“hear and see me”)
  • acceptance and affirmation
  • appropriate touch
  • prayer (with and for)
  • help with material needs (food, clothing, transportation, money, labor)
  • forgiveness
  • shared control

Love gifts people don’t always want but sometimes need include:

  • consequences
  • boundaries
  • truth spoken in love

Gifts of Love for You

It’s okay to love yourself. The Bible says so (Matt 22:39)! Here are some healthy ways to treat yourself like the precious Valentine you are:

  • take care of your body (good diet, exercise, rest, medical attention)
  • think on things good and true (Phil 4:8)
  • validate your emotions (they’re not right or wrong but they have a message)
  • connect with others (loneliness kills)
  • keep a balanced schedule
  • leave the past behind (Phil 3:13)
  • captain your own ship
  • accept mistakes as normal and learn from them (reject toxic shame)


I hope you’re planning a wonderful Valentine’s celebration. Even if your special someone doesn’t like your salami bouquet or cheesy pajamas, even if they say “no” to your proposal you’ll never really bomb if you offer the most coveted gift of all – real, authentic, personal love (1 Cor 13:13; 1 Pet 4:8).

Do you know someone who needs your love today? Could you step up? What love gift might you offer?

Thanks for connecting with me here. It makes me feel loved!

Happy Valentines Day!


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  1. Tai Loraine Smith

    Thank you for the great reminders Cheryl!

  2. Carl E Lancaster

    Cheryl, You sure covered a lot of excellent ideas here. This world is so in need of love! Maybe we would do more loving things for others if we came to genuinely love ourselves and treated ourselves better!

    1. Cheryl Savageau

      Agree Carl!

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