Do You Get Tired of All the Blaming?

hand-1923005_1920Mark felt seriously disgruntled with his life. He lived next door to John and often showed up at John’s house to “shoot the breeze.” His neighborly visits typically turned into Mark’s personal gripe sessions.

Mark complained about his ex-wife and blamed her for their divorce. He criticized his adult children for not staying in touch. He used a quiver of arrows to take shots at his boss, co-workers, the church he left, politicians and the coach of the local baseball team. Unable to bear it any longer John finally confronted Mark about his complaining and blaming. Continue reading

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Why Everyone Needs a Confidant (and How to Get One)

talking Photo by Cole Hutson on Unsplash

John’s wife and two children stared blankly at the living room walls after expending all the tears and angry words they could muster at the moment.  Together they sat wondering, “What happened?” Continue reading

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The Truth about Feelings


images-1Have you ever heard the words, “You shouldn’t feel that way?” Do you sometimes feel guilty about your feelings? Life is made up of thoughts, feelings and actions. We know the right way to think (rationally) and the correct way to act (lovingly). But can we know the right way to feel?  Continue reading

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Do You Need Group Power?

In the beginning God said “It’s not good foimagesr the man to be alone” (Gen 2:18) so He created Eve. Before long the first couple landed outside the garden where they struggled with the same hardships and family dysfunctions we face today. Continue reading

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Could You Possibly Save A Life?


Westerville OH

Valentine fun fell a little flat for most people this year. We had to digest news of the Florida school shooting on 2/14 as well as reports of 9 police murders taking place between 2/5 and 2/21. Continue reading

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Sure-to-Please Gift Ideas for Valentine’s


EnterPhoto by Jess Watters on Unsplash a caption

It’s February! Let the season of chocolates, roses and romance unfold!

Are you ready for Valentine’s Day? I just returned from our neighborhood store (Dollar Tree) with a fist full of affordable cards to send to people I love. I’m preparing gift bags for my grandchildren and wondering how to best love my husband when the holiday arrives. Continue reading

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10 Life Lessons from a 90-Year-Old Who Jumped Out of an Airplane

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Carl Lancaster

It’s my pleasure to know a special 90-year old man named Carl. We go to the same church and everyone I know who’s met him loves and admires Carl.  He decided to follow Jesus as a  very young man and spent his life loving God and others well.

Last November Carl marked his 90th birthday by jumping out of an airplane. I watched him reach this milestone and wondered what  I could learn from his experience so I recently sat down with him to ask some questions. Continue reading

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How One Word Can Make 2018 Better for You


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My cousin married a wonderful woman who serves others with boundless energy and thinks deeply at the same time. For years we’ve enjoyed searching conversations that challenge both of us to move beyond our comfort zones. Continue reading

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5 New Year’s Resolutions You Don’t Want to Make for 2018


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Do you make New Year’s resolutions? I like making them because I know the surest way to accomplish nothing is to aim for it. I’ve resolved to spend more time writing in 2018. Continue reading

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The Priceless Gift that Won’t Cost You a Dime


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Have you overspent your Christmas budget this year? One survey found 46% of Americans feel pressure to spend more than they can afford during the holidays (up from 24% in 2014).

We need gift ideas that won’t break the bank. Continue reading

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How Lighting a Christmas Tree Will Brighten Your Life

Americans love Christmas trees. We see them everywhere now that Thanksgiving is over – on cars, in homes, yards, stores, offices and lobbies.             

One enthusiast in Massachusetts got pulled over by state police for transporting a tree almost big enough to hide his car. Larry Spiekermeier considered his chance to drive a 79′ Montana fir 3500 miles to our nation’s Capitol Building the capstone of his career. Continue reading

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The Amazingly Simple Prayer that Will Leave You Thankful and Peaceful this Season

aaron-burden-399901 2.jpgPhoto by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

The holidays usher in a wonderful time of celebration and togetherness. They also bring extra work, worry and strong emotions. We need ways to stay focused on what’s right and keep inner peace.

It can help to take in simple pleasures. One simple pleasure my husband Charlie and I enjoy is Continue reading

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