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Winning at Life God's Way

All I Really Want for Christmas is Presence Please!

Whew! ‘Safely home from an errand near the mall and glad I didn’t go to the mall. Getting there would have meant sitting in the sea of backed-up traffic waiting to get onto […]

What to Do When You Want to be Heard

Do you remember the TV show Monk? It featured an obsessive-compulsive, genius detective with a kind and gentle heart. I loved the show’s murder intrigue, humor and the way it portrayed Monk as […]

How to Think Your Way to Success

My life got busy recently and I lost hold of important disciplines. Does that happen to you? A baby was born, a hurricane developed, our basement leaked water and a series of meetings […]

An Unexpected Miracle

My phone rang in the wee hours last Thursday morning. I answered and heard my daughter say, “Mom, I’m in labor.” I flipped on the light to wake my husband, jumped into my […]

The One Lie that Can Kill Your Marriage

John and Mary (not their real names) appeared for counseling looking very unhappy. Near-daily conflicts plagued their year-old marriage. Early into our session John explained that his wife “isn’t the person I thought […]

When You Really Need to Hit Three for Three

A few years ago I heard an unforgettable story about an interesting young man. His story teaches a valuable lesson we all need. The handsome blond-haired young man with movie-star like features lived […]

Are You One of the Brightest Bulbs in the Box?

Three days ago I began my milestone birthday by walking around a nearby lake. The first half of my route featured a casual stroll through a rose garden, a trek to the far […]

Do You Really Need All that Peer Pressure?

Monday night I returned worn out from a 10-day “vacation” The days were productive but not restful. I traveled 1100 miles by car, worked on an old house in hot weather, made big […]

In a Battle? Learn How to Win from General Grant!

The evening of April 6, 1862 brought one of the worst moments of the Civil War for General U.S. Grant. His army suffered a terrible defeat at Shiloh that day, a pounding rain […]

Have You Seen God in the Garden?

Two weeks ago my husband and I visited our local garden center and loaded our cart with soil enhancers, seed packets and starter plants. My heart smiled as we prepared to plant our […]