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Are You One of the Brightest Bulbs in the Box?

Three days ago I began my milestone birthday by walking around a nearby lake. The first half of my route featured a casual stroll through a rose garden, a trek to the far side of the lake, a climb up a steep hill and a detour down a dirt path where I came across a shaded bench beside a small pond.

I sat on the bench and thought about years under my life’s bridge and ways to live out the rest of my journey. I used my phone to read Psalm 71 (concerns aging), softly sang two hymns and left the isolated spot with spirits high and a spring in my step.

As I continued walking around the lake I passed four college-age students going the other way. I looked toward each one and said “Hi” or “Good morning” but none of the first three acknowledged me or my greeting. I shrugged and gave it little thought until…

A fourth young lady wearing earphones and holding herself upright came jogging towards me with ponytail swinging. As she drew near she flashed a broad smile my way and began waving her hand back and forth in friendly greeting. That young woman had her light on! She was one of the brightest bulbs I met that day!

God Gives Us Light

It seems God often sends the same message more than once in the same day. That’s why I didn’t feel totally surprised that evening when via Facetime we got to hear our 8-year old grandson Liam recite the memory verse he learned at camp. You guessed it! Liam repeated:

“Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven.” (Matt 5:16)

Favorable circumstances enable us to feel bright and cheery sometimes but Scripture teaches that lasting and true light comes from God in the face of Jesus (2 Cor 5:6; John 1:9). . God wants the light of Christ to shine through us into the world (Isa 60:1; Matt 5:14).

Is Your Light On? Does it Shine?

This world has much darkness. We all know so I won’t elaborate. God gives us needed light for personal enjoyment and for sharing (Luke 8:16).

Our daily words, actions and attitudes impact others. Every day we get the chance to make the world brighter or darker by the choices we make. We contribute:

  • hope or pessimism
  • truth or deceit
  • compassion or indifference
  • generosity or selfishness
  • acceptance or rejection
  • patience or anger
  • grace or condemnation
  • humor or grumpiness
  • humility or pride

Have you thought about the ways you do or don’t add light to the world? Which of the words in the above dichotomies best describe what you pour into the lives of others? If you circled those words would you have more circles on the left or right-hand side of the column?

Our light switch comes on when we receive God’s Spirit. Our bulb shines out when we dust it off, check the filament and take intentional steps to make it visible to others.

If you need God’s light in your heart ask Him for it. If you have His light but it’s hidden or darkened with dust from disuse do what it takes to brighten your light and place it where it shines into the darkness.

The woman I met by the lake definitely had light in her heart and apparently wanted to brighten the world around her. I want to be like her. How about you?


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7 Replies

  1. Paula

    Your words always, always speak to my heart. I am so thankful for the gift God has given you, and how you are using that gift to speak life into others. He has used you to bless me, comfort me, and sometimes convict me as well. Thank you.

  2. Bobbi

    I have always said that if I “shine” it is God’s love reflecting off of me, knowing it is not me as much as God. I love the thought of the light “shining through” and not just “reflecting off”. Gave me something to ponder this morning. THANK you Cheryl for your insight.

  3. Eloise

    Love this post, Cheryl, and thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. They do “brighten” my days, too,

  4. Donna

    another “brighter or darker” choice: humor or grumpiness

    1. Cheryl Savageau

      Thanks Donna! Added 🙂

  5. I love the list of words! What a great reminder and humbling list to find not all of my answers were on the left! If I’m honest with myself, I often fall to the right on 4 of them. Yet, I know a few years ago, it would have been only two. Got to work on that!

    1. Cheryl Savageau

      Upward bound!

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