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10 Life Lessons from a 90-Year-Old Who Jumped Out of an Airplane

It’s my pleasure to know a special 90-year old man named Carl. We go to the same church and everyone I know who’s met him loves and admires Carl.  He decided to follow Jesus as a  very young man and … Continue reading

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The Priceless Gift that Won’t Cost You a Dime

We can forgive without incurring cost. In fact, forgiving brings benefit. Continue reading

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How Lighting a Christmas Tree Will Brighten Your Life

Americans love Christmas trees. We see them everywhere now that Thanksgiving is over – on cars, in homes, yards, stores, offices and lobbies.              One enthusiast in Massachusetts got pulled over by state police for … Continue reading

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The Smartest Way to Respond when Trouble Strikes

Photo courtesy of Unsplash Life is hard and dangerous. Reports of devastating hurricanes and now mass murder break our hearts. Disasters dominate national news while private catastrophes unfold around us. A steady diet of bad news and trouble causes discouragement. … Continue reading

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Storm Watch! 4 Ways to Get Ready

It’s awful to think of Hurricane Irma approaching our shores on the heels of Harvey. Folks in Irma’s way are preparing for trouble. They’re fleeing homes they may never see again. Normal changed fast for these people (and they will … Continue reading

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4 Things You Must Do to Recover when Disaster Rocks Your World

Photo by Kyle Broad on Unsplash Historic rainfall brought disaster to Houston last week. America looked on with compassion then pitched in to help. I’ve done something to help. Have you? As epic tragedy befell Texas, smaller catastrophes rocked the … Continue reading

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