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10 Life Lessons from a 90-Year-Old Who Jumped Out of an Airplane

It’s my pleasure to know a special 90-year old man named Carl. We go to the same church and everyone I know who’s met him loves and admires Carl.  He decided to follow […]

How One Word Can Make 2018 Better for You

My cousin married a wonderful woman who serves others with boundless energy and thinks deeply at the same time. For years we’ve enjoyed searching conversations that challenge both of us to move beyond […]

How Lighting a Christmas Tree Will Brighten Your Life

Americans love Christmas trees. We see them everywhere now that Thanksgiving is over – on cars, in homes, yards, stores, offices and lobbies.              One enthusiast in Massachusetts […]

Want More than “Awesome” from Monday’s Eclipse? Try This.

  This picture shows me enjoying Monday’s TOTAL solar eclipse with husband Charlie and others not shown.  Everyone present marveled to see the sun hidden by the moon’s silhouette and experience midday darkness. […]

6 Ways to Thrive (Not Just Survive) after You Fail

photo courtesy of Unsplash Last week I described my friend’s pain after she suffered a setback and thought of herself as a failure. Her suffering caused me to think how badly we need […]

Feeling Dumb? Read This to Feel Better!

A few weeks ago I attended a lunch reunion with a group of friends. The event began joyfully. However, the mood grew somber when one friend revealed that an important part of her […]

6 Steps to Finally Making the Change You Want

Photo courtesy of Unsplash People say leopards don’t change their spots. True, but we’re not leopards. People change. Can you think of some change you’d like to make to improve your life? Have […]

5 Effective Ways To Achieve Your Most Important Goals

  A few years ago I accepted an invitation to go blueberry picking with two beloved family members, Dee and Frank. We had a splendid time taking in scenery and gathering blueberries on […]